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Nitro Cold Brew Coffee

Nitro Cold Brew Coffee

I ended up with an extra 5# CO2 tank that I decided I would exchange for Nitrogen after I emptied it. I was mainly thinking I would use it to serve Stouts/Porters but also saw that a lot of people were serving cold brew coffee with a nitro setup. I figured my 1.6 gallon mini keg was the perfect size for serving cold brew.

I looked up a recipe for cold brew and used two 2 quart mason jars to make a concentrate with Maxwell coffee from the grocery store. I let the concentrate brew overnight in the keezer and used my hop strainer to filter out the coffee grounds. I probably need to buy courser coffee or get a finer strainer because I ended up with some coffee grounds left over.

I used the same force carbonation lid with diffusion stone I used for Seltzer to help the Nitrogen dissolve better. Since Nitrogen is not as soluble as CO2, the diffusion stone is necessary to get a good cascade. I found that letting it sit overnight and then shaking it for 1-2 minutes resulted in a good cascade. Then drinking 1 cup a day removed enough volume that the diffusion stone was able to maintain a good level of nitrogen dissolved in the coffee.

This isn’t the best picture of the cascade but you can see the lighter color coffee towards the top:

nitro coffee cascade

Overall I’m pretty happy with it and will probably keep cold brew on tap since it is so easy to make. The Nitrogen adds a nice creamy texture and the coffee is refreshing even when it’s warmer out.

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